Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I need a Calendar!

     Yes one for the wall but I really need one to write down what's going on that day. 
This week is a good example and I have scribbled on my son's calendar who's coming over when. 
He will be moving upstairs next month and there will go his calendar lol!
  I have to write a budget of sorts also. I must buy more post-its LOL!!!
A long time friend is coming over Thursday and also final doings with mobilhome. Finally.
I took myself out and downtown to a cute street cafe. I had a special coffee I can't pronounce let alone spell. It was very good fudgy cinnamon with lots of froth. Many older adults there wearing sunglasses ha haa. Notice I didn't say Old Farts? A few were talking about that itty bitty car parked out front LOL!! Fun!

I must admit I am liking this freedom that I CAN DO what I want when I want within reason of course. This is so new to me to go out there and not stay home all the time and do chores.
I remember Mom making us kids keep the house spotless but nobody came over except relation once a year maybe if that. Sad I thought. 
Ennway yesterday after the cafe I went to Vinnies and found the black flats and a pair of lightly tinted purple small oval sunglasses for live Jazz volunteering. I will wear my black leggings. I haven't found a black French hat yet. Beatnick will be fun and oh yes 'snap the fingers' ha haa.
Life for me is opening up like a flower. I find myself laughing out loud and saying "I can do that!"
I am still a non smoker but everyday unconsciously I reach for... and then a oh ya moment. It happens once a day and the urge goes away. Out and about I inhale 2nd hand smoke and once inhaled  bonfire smoke and my son was holding me back LOL!!
Have a great week. I will try to make time to blog!!



  1. You are my role model now. Must get out more like you.

  2. It really feels good just taking yourself out and show yourself the town lol!

  3. Sounds as if you need a day planner. You are quite the wild woman now.


  4. You get out more than I do!
    I am the same as you... I need a calendar, I have one on the wall... but I like the book type that I can carry in my purse and write all those things down... especially, the dates to remember and the budget!

  5. Soooo darn happy for you Toodie.. you have a great start on a second life of living how you want to. The dollar stores are FULL of calendars..I use mine and write all sorts of stuff on it. it even has a place on the bottom for notes.. YEP cost a dollar. WHEN are we gonna SEE this new ride of yours.. sounds great.. wish I had one!!

  6. I like that, Toodie the wild woman. You're doing so well. I'm proud of you my friend!

  7. You are a warrior! Carry on doing what you want to do, when you want to do it and IF you want to!


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