Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enjoying Fall


  One of our 'Golden Girl' trips we went to GreenBay. This is the Vince Lombardi statue out front.
The place has changed big time. All good lookin too.
  Now the girls took me to Red Lobster so I can scratch that off my list. (bucket) Oh my goodness was the food fandamtastic!!!!!!! I found out I love coconut shrimp! Oh and the cheesy biscuits!!!! The girls took me then to Woodworkers Depot. I bought some hardwood cutoffs for making earrings. They had slabs  of cedar and other cutoffs big enough for table tops. Interesting place! We did not go to the casino ha haaa. It was a great time.
      The photo below is  Donna, Eileen and myself was taken last week when we stayed for a few days with Eileen up north in Tipler WI. Eileen is 94 and retired in 2012 from her paper route.
She drove a snowmobile in winter to deliver papers. Her sttitude and zest for life influenced me. She taught me how to make pasties. She made a huge bowl of pie crust from scratch (lard people). We mixed hamburger chopped onions and chopped taters and much more. Ennaway a handfull in center of a plate size pie crust and wrap it up to be a pastie. We baked them for one hour. We made 12 big pasties and I made three home made apple pies which they loved. We drove down to the orchard and no apples. The deer got them. So we went to Iron Mountain to get some apples and bought some food and tp and other supplies Eileen was running low on. She wanted us to stay longer but we couldn't.
I went fishing on the river rapids and kept my eyes peeled for bears. Yes, black bears which I saw two big ones. Up north is beautiful and now know why my grandpa loved living in his cabin most the time.

     Here is an awful dull picture of the wonderful Fall colors. The sun was so bright and my camera just couldn't handle it.

My cold has hampered me lately. I couldn't go to senior swim exercise or the bingo today with my coughing. I hope it clears up by tomorrow. I cannot get a flu shot having a cold. Ugh.
Winter is on it's way and I want to settle in and do crafts. I've been on the road alot yet loved every minute of it. My meds are cut back and I am doing good. Well Time to wrap up. I am in bed by 8;30 an up at 5am. I still walk everyday and will join this mall walkers every morning during winter. Take care and I'll be back soon.


  1. You're keeping busy. Good to hear you're enjoying yourself Toodie.

  2. Good times for you now. Nice and easy.....

  3. Initially you did have me curious when you said you were making pasties.
    Seriously I'm glad you are having fun on your road trip. You deserve it my friend! You are a good person!


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