Saturday, October 24, 2015

Part of a Family

My roommates family has adopted me......I am grams Nancy. I was invited to Gwens 8th birthday party and most the family was there. Birthday prayer and hugs and excellent food. Many laughs lots of hugs. I am part of the family  Even their BIG dog Hunter brought me his leash for grams to have the honor of taking him for a walk. Gwen opening presents, the guys talking of hunting stories and women talking how big the children are....I felt at home. It filled a hole in my heart you could say.
 It has been a busy week. Helping Joan find a truck to buy, oh and my meds turned on me too. I guess I cannot ween off them. Good to know.
     I started knitting boot cuffs. A new thing just cuffs to hang over tops of boots.
  I am so very tired right now. Monday doctor Tuesday dentist for new choppers.
     I am keeping active but cut down some so I am not overactive LOL!
  Mat asked me if I'd make him an apple pie as he says my pies are awesome. He's an awesome kid who has helped me move and does odd jobs for me and he calls me grams Nancy.
  I look forward to church tomorrow and I will learn the job of powerpoint for the songs on the big screen. The church's band is awesome. Now it's time to hit the sheets.



  1. It's good to read the way things are going. I'm very happy for you Toodie! I am having my dental woes. I have been waiting for implants (teeth not chest) for a year now. Here's a tip for you, stay away from Aspen Dental. This is what I get for going to a dental chain instead of a private office. Well live and learn.

  2. These are the good times...enjoy and feel the love.

  3. Happy for you that things are going well. Keep up the rest as it will keep you healthy.

  4. WOO HOO comments are back.. Toodie it is okay to cut back,you have been sooo busy lately, hope you get things under control and feel fit again. Meds sometimes can be hard to deal with. Have fun on Halloween..


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