Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pie Etc

     Remember the "Let's have another cup of coffee....and let's have another piece of pie."
Commercial I believe. Well I made two pies today. One lemon moraine and one key lime.
I also made burgers for freezer. My mushroom and garlic wrapped in bacon. Fry and add bun and swiss cheese. I was alone to day. Well ok the dog was watching with me. She took me for three long walks today lol!  Early  this morning we went to Mc D's for coffee and met our usual cast of characters. There's this elderly man who knows us all but sits behind this partial wall reading his morning paper. He will POP UP and comment sometimes. I call him Whackamole. He reminds me of that game and I feel like whacking his head ha haa. It's all in fun. I went home and Donna went to wedding. She had to take a member of the wedding party to the church......a dog! Yes a couple's dog is standing up in wedding. I won't comment on that. Me, I did some woodburning made pies and well my special needs neighbor had a party this afternoon. It went well for him. He is real nice and pops over to visit allot. He was nervous as he never invited people over before. The day I moved in here he grilled us lunch to make me feel welcomed.
     The pies are for church tomorrow. I'll have to stop and pick up some Reddi whip squirt cream for them. Oh I got my new glasses!!!! The doc ran a couple tests three times! Seems it's impossible to improve on eye pressure. Mine has been high and higher these past years and I said no to drops as once you start the drops you cannot stop. It's for beginning of glaucoma.  Well my pressure went down from 30 and 28 to both 23. It's not perfect but no more head aches and oh yes my right eye improved vision drastically. How about that? It's unknown how my prssure went down, but it's great!


Yes I got my Super Toods shirt with cape when I got my glasses.

Friday my team won at volleyball in the swimming pool. It was fun!
walking in the pool at 7am does wake me up ha haa.

This one might be better?

I thought this was cute. Well have a great week ahead!


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts! Keep 'em comin'! I never made a lemon moraine pie!

  2. Lookin' good and eating good Toodie!

  3. There you are! I haven't been around much either. Quite busy I am.
    I'll have a piece of pie with my coffee, cream no sugar.
    It sounds like life is going along pretty well for you Toodie.
    It's time to get off my butt and write another blog entry though I will actually have to be on my butt to write the blog. Ah, good butt talk!

  4. Hoping your pressure will continue to get better. Was in your old neck of the woods recently. Went through Springfield and Wildwood MO. Such pretty country. Your pie sounds good. I just read about Pumpkin Crisp on Nancy's Daily Dish blog, so now thanks to you and her, I'm inspired to cook something sweet.


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