Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Too Busy having Fun to BLoG

     My bad not blogging for awhile. Ya, having fun with the ealrly morning coffee club at Mc D's and oh yes we went cruising on the river.

Mississippi River

 The paddle boat we rode on

It rained while we had an excellent lunch on board

The paddle was cool.

Donna left,Nellie and Pat front right and I am the 4th golden girl LOL!!!
It was a fancy lunch buffet. Everything was run so well.
I would recommend this trip and the casino I did lose but the monies was small
and I had fun!

This was taken from our hotel room.
What a view huh?
You see the golf islands?

So I was up and at Mc D's at 6am and by senior pool for exercise with seniors in the pool.
Splish splash those guys were fun! My suit fit fine and the water felt so dang good.
Donna pulled a groin muscle but we will sign up and go three times a week.
Then we stopped at the farmers market to buy me an elephant ear (bakery) and these itty bitty tomatoes for our salads. This weekend we serve food at the Rock fest our church is having. Ya, you read that right. The church I go to is River Rock and it rocks! The band is awesome and the drummer is very good. Lots of food Saturday so come on over.
Friday is October Fest in Door County which is the thumb of WI.
I did not mention all the fun we had on our trips. I did not mention the bloopers or make movies yet as we are still busy helping her kids and seeing people and watching the kite flyers at the lake.
Yesterday we went to bingo at community bingo which is held at different nursing homes each week. Donna won socks and a wash rag and our table was threatened to be kicked out if we didn't quiet down. Gads we had FUN! Then we went to Mc D's to meet the other clutch of coffee drinkers.
Working on woodburning again and Donna on her knitting to do craft shows together.
Guess what? I found out what fun is again!
Till later be safe have fun and don't take life so serious.



  1. What a change in you! Congratulations and keep on having fun and enjoying your life! I have always wanted to go on a paddle boat cruise on the Mississippi but they always were way too costly for us. Nice red paddle photo!!

  2. So happy for you that you've found fun in your life again. you deserve it.

  3. I am so glad to read this! You deserve some fun in your life! Love the pictures! Arlene and I got back from our vacation on Saturday. We had a wonderful week as well.
    I love the pictures and would love to see the Mississippi river some day, not all of it because I don't have the time or money.
    Keep on truckin' Toodie!


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