Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekly update (since when?)

.... Two days too hot and muggy, yuck. Three days rain and more rain. Two days of beautiful.

You counted right? Ya the beautiful was me dreaming.

I actually planted two little expensive Bonnies roma tomato plants between rain fog and extreme sun.
I was afraid the wind or sun would hurt them. I wasn't going to let anything kill my $3.98 x 2 roma tomato plants. After I planted them I saw they were determinate. I panicked cause I couldn't remember if that meant vine to trellis or bush. Hubby always rolled his eyes cause I never could remember.
Turns out it IS bush like I wanted. I felt good I was right.Two little plants make the garden visually humungous. I felt guilty of all the un-planted space and the starving people in China. Reminded me of Mom saying to eat everything on your plate. Thank goodness for large cuffs on my pant legs.
As I walked to the house I was thinking of little umbrellas to shade the maters. Oh my. Oh the blue drink was Calypso Colada by Seagrams. A Escapes edition of pineapple and cocoanut plus ah kick to it of 3.0 alcohol of sorts. Very refreshing and I like it! I had to dig around to find a bottle opener. I was so sweaty hot and tired the hammer was lookin good to open ah bottle.

Lessee....I bought carrot seeds and multicolored pepper seeds which should be interesting a blue pepper? I bought the 20 cent pkges. Hubby would have a fit to buy cheap seeds but now I am alone and feeling reckless so 20 cent pkges is like Russian roulette. ONE seed oughttah grow eh? It's the thrill but then if they don't grow it will look like bald spots or wasted garden space. If anyone asks why I'll say I planted bi annual seeds! If they are too stupid to know what that is then there's no hope to explain. Or I could let weeds grow and tie on artificial flowers.

I also gave St Vinnies more stuff I culled. I can actually see my bedroom floor now. My losing so much weight my clothes didn't fit. Ok my socks still fit lol! My shoes also went down a half size. Go figure. My nose didn't shrink though dammit.
I will be donating the shop big stuff like table saw to the museum who has put out there the need so they can fix things etc. It feels like my goal is to fit everything I own into a van lol! If I am it's getting there. I'd love to live in a motorhome ya know? In  my dreams ha haa.
Have a nice Sunday. The sun should shine and no rain here but I trust the weatherman as far as I can throw ah tractor. 



  1. Wondering if you sold your home? Did I miss the info if you posted it? Sorry if I did. And tell us how the biking is going if you're able to get out with the weather. Yup...I am noisy!

    1. Yes I sold the house and will finalize end of month. I haven't peddled in awhile cause the last time my muscles burned like wildfire. Then the nasty weather either pouring rain or HOT humid. I am not giving up the bike must not do hills lol!

  2. Slow down Toodie! 20 cents! You just throw money around like it grew on tomato plants.
    We've had 3 beautiful days and we will have some rain the first 3 days away. Still it is away!

    1. Ya I should slow down. I laugh at the 20 cents. Soon vacation for you eh??

  3. Our combo of great burst of cool rain and nice sun have caused our flowers to flourish...I think of that when the rain gets me down...always helps.

  4. Ya pay yer money and ya take yer chances! Good job!

  5. We've had some pretty good frosts the last two mornings, but we have ways of keeping our tomatoes warm. The sun has been heating up the dirt which also helps.

  6. HA at least you have a spot to plant something. I have nothing here but FAKE flowers.. yuck.. I hear ya about downsizing. The flooded floor really helped me GET RID of stuff. Taken 4 bags to the dumpster just yesterday. Whew...feels so nice to see my floor again too. It has been way too long. Get that miracle grow stuff and you will have enough maters to feed the whole block. HA.. take care of yourself.. <3


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